The amount by which a credit score can increase is different for everyone. We stick to a few rules of thumb when determining the benefits that you will receive:

  1. Higher limits and older aged tradelines correlate to bigger credit score increases.
  2. More older accounts make your file more solid.
  3. If you have nothing on your credit file, you must select something at least 6 months old to generate a credit score and avoid a thin file error.
  4. The fewer addresses you have on your credit report, the better. We can filter the list by address code to help you select lines from the same cardholder or we can help you with this one-on-one. Please contact us directly if you want to do this.
  5. All of our tradelines are under 30% unless otherwise noted in the comment section. All tradelines have a perfect payment history.
  6. If you have negative items on your credit report, this can offset the boost that you could get. Tradelines are not a band-aid, they are an enhancement